Faire Craft Application


DaVinci Con The Original Renaissance Convention 

welcomes you to apply to our event!  We are looking for artists and crafters who are interested in participating in a Renaissance Faire with a new type of twist.  Vendors who apply with this form will be participating in a full scale Ren Fest, complete with appropriate display and costuming.  

Please take the time to read and sign the Vendors Policies Page Below

Below, you will find the festival application, vendors policies, and a convenient checklist to be sure you have all of your ducks in a row.  We must receive the signed vendor policies at the time of application.

If you are having problems filling out the online form, you can print and mail your application

Our Mailing address is:

DaVinci Con - The Original Renaissance Convention

Attn: Craft Coordinator

PO Box 1156

Lexington, VA 24450

Include any applicable photos or website address

Applicants will be juried, so any and all photos of the work will be helpful!

Craft Vendor Checklist

We have put this checklist together to help you complete the application process as easily as possi

1. Please fill out the DaVinci Con Vendor Form

2. You will be contacted once your application has been reviewed and approved, so please be sure to include your email address and a current phone number.

3. You will need Liability Insurance for this event

Insurance requirements are as follows:

⦁ Certificate must be signed by the insurance company's authorized representative

⦁ DaVinci Con must be named as an additional insured

⦁ Business name and address of the insured are required on the certificate

⦁ $500,000 minimum general liability insurance is required

4. Include full list of items to be sold, see pages included with the application, and attach additional pages as necessary

5. Include Name and description of the company and/or organization that is applying

6. Please be sure to indicate if camping on site will be needed, as space is very limited and reservations will be made in your name. Payment for camping will be billed at the same time full payment is made for show fees. Offsite camping will be the responsibility of the vendor, and we will provide you with information for camping and hotels in the area.

7. Include $20 application fee, made out to DaVinci Con - The Original Renaissance 

Convention. If accepted, the application fee will be credited to the final show fee.

8. Read the Vendors Terms and Conditions, sign and return the attached Agreement letter.

9. Sign and return the Hold Harmless Agreement


DaVainci Con Faire Application

   Vendor Policies

1) Faire exhibits must conform to the faire theme. Convention displays can be modern, but should be relevant to the Renaissance, Renaissance Festival, or similar theme. 

2) Spaces are first served, based on the date of entry form and approval of the vendor coordinator. A $20, non-refundable application fee is due with this application, and will be applied to show fees when/if accepted. 

3) Please include photos of your work and/or website photos available. Remember to fill out your application completely. Please note that items that are not listed, cannot be sold.

4) Faire vendors must provide their own tables, equipment or tent/shade devices required for their display. DaVinci Con supplies only the vendor site. Electric requirement will be addressed on an individual basis and will be billed at $45 for the run of the event. Limited electric spots will be available.

5) DaVinci Con will supply tables and pipe and drape for Convention participants, included in the space fee. Electric requirements will be addressed on an individual basis and will be billed at $45 for the run of the event. Limited electric spots will be available.

6) DaVinci Con – The Original Renaissance Convention, and The Virginia Horse Center will not be responsible for theft, loss, damage or injury of any person or property.

7) In consideration of being permitted to take part in DaVinci Con – The Original Renaissance Convention, the participant hereby releases, absolves, indemnifies, holds harmless and waives all claims against DaVinci Con – The Original Renaissance Convention and their employees, for any losses or injuries of any kind whatsoever, arising out of the operation of the participant’s booth or business.

8) Both Primitive and Electric/Water camping is available for the run of the faire. Limited space is available for electric spaces. Please indicate on the application your camping needs. Offsite campgrounds and hotels are nearby and information will be included in the packets.

9) Participants and their employees must be neat, clean and maintain a good attitude with the public, and abide by all vendor rules.

10)  Participant space must be left in a condition equal to or better than the condition it was

found prior to set up.

11)  All Vendors must comply with set up and tear down hours. Acceptance of applications are  subject to General Manager’s approval.

12) Any weapons sold are to be wrapped and peace tied. It is the responsibility of the vendor to tell the buyer to comply and instruct how to comply with these requirements. “Failure to do so, resulting in a weapon drawn by other than contracted actors, will result in the patron being removed from the faire”.

13) The undersigned grants the Sponsor the right to use his/her likeness in photographs on film or videotape in the above promotional and advertising materials of the Event, and maybe exhibited and re-exhibited without limitations or liability.

14) DaVinci Con – The Original Renaissance Convention will be held rain or shine. DaVinci Con - The Original Renaissance Convention does not endorse any individual or product.

15) DaVinci Con – The Original Renaissance Convention reserves the right to refuse participation to any participant who does not comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement.



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DaVinci Faire Application Checklist (docx)


Vendor Policies (docx)


DaVinci Con Vendor Application (docx)



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