Vendor Terms and Conditions


                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ALL VENDORS


· If your vendor application is accepted at jury, you will receive and acceptance letter. 

· The Faire will try its best to place you in the area you have requested. We do not guarantee fulfillment of location requests. 

· Once accepted, all fees are due, along with proof of insurance. Application fees will be applied to remaining show fees.

· Acceptance is a commitment to the show. There will be no refunds to the vendor for their cancelation. 


· Preference will be given to original, handcrafted products.

· Works that are mass produced, known to be imported, or are commercially manufactured will not be accepted.

· The number and type of crafts and merchandise will be limited in fairness to all. As a small, first year show, we are striving to represent a variety of crafts, as well as maintain our integrity as a artist friendly show.

· Merchandise will be juried prior to acceptance of the application. To be accepted, products should be indicative of the Renaissance era, in medium and in subject matter. Photos of each item for sale should be submitted for the jury process.

· A limited number of service providers will be accepted (for example, hair-braider, fortune teller). Service Providers will be juried as well.

· The Con Committee reserves the right to prohibit the display of any work it deems unacceptable.

· Merchants may ONLY display merchandise or offer services which were listed on their application and shown in photos/digital images. If not approved via the acceptance letter, then items cannot be sold or offered.


· The booth must fit within the measurements requested and paid for. This includes tie downs and exterior displays. The size of the assigned space will correspond to what was listed on the application.

· ALL BOOTHS MUST HAVE A PERIOD APPEARANCE. All modern metal (including metal tent poles) MUST be masked or securely covered using period materials such as burlap, tapestry or other appropriate fabric. Modern tables/storage/displays/coolers must be covered or placed out of patron view from all directions. Photos of shop setup will be required and considered when jurying.

· Merchants are responsible for setting up their own shops, including period design, decoration, signs, tables, shelter, etc.

· Booth are expected to have a visible period style sign; carved or painted wood, or canvas banner is recommended.

· Booths must be open and decorated appropriately at all times during the Faire operating hours, rain or shine. All shelters must be weighted and secured appropriately, regardless of size.

· Merchants are responsible for keeping their area clean during and after the show. All items of non-period appearance must be hidden from public view. Please provide your own small trash receptacle inside your booth.

· Food prices must be set and displayed at all times throughout the Faire and are not allowed to fluctuate.


· All merchants and personnel must be dressed in appropriate costumes of the period during Faire operating hours.

· Appropriate period language is highly encouraged.

· All participants must remain in character at all times while in view of patrons.

· Keep in mind that the DaVinci Con - The Original Renaissance Convention is a family-oriented event: no revealing outfits will be permitted. Facial piercings are not allowed during show hours. Un-natural hair colors should be covered as much as possible. Tattoos should be concealed as much as possible.


· Proof of insurance is mandatory for ALL VENDORS

· All vendors shall provide the Con with proof of adequate insurance coverage as follows:

· General Liability consisting of $1,000,000 General Aggregate, $1,000,000 Products/Completed Operations Aggregate, $100,0000 

 Fire Damage Liability and $5,000 Medical Expense

· Worker’s Compensation Insurance providing coverage for not less than $100,000 each accident

· DaVinci Con - The Original Renaissance Convention must be named as an additional insured on the certificates of insurance.


· The Con committee will inspect shops before opening on the first day to assure all booths meet the standard requirements.

· On site reviews will take place regularly, and any merchant not adhering to the rules and regulations will be written up and may not be accepted next year. The following list of items must be adhered to:

Faire merchants must be in period garb at all times during show hours

No non-period items for sale (such as sports, television/movie items, etc) at Faire shops

Aluminum tent poles, plastic coolers/cases/tables/storage is covered properly and concealed from public

Only approved items listed on the application shall be for sale

Period signage on canvas, wood or cloth

· Food vendors must adhere to health/hygiene requirement set by the State Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation. An inspector will be present on just before the show opens, to make sure that vendors adhere to the guidelines.

· A Fire Marshall will conduct an inspection. If you are using a tent, a certificate of inflammability will be required and if your structure is made from cloth, you must administer a flame retardant. 

It is required that all merchant booths contain a fire extinguisher and all tents must be secured and tied down or weighted appropriately.

All propane cylinders, regardless of size, must be adequately secured to prevent falling or sustaining physical damage whether in use or in storage.

Open flames are not permitted

Food Vendors who cannot meet health/hygiene and fire safety requirements will be asked to leave the event immediately.


· During the Con, smoking is prohibited in public areas.

· Cell phone usage must not be visible to the general public.

· NO pets are allowed on the event site when the Con is in operation. Pets are allowed in camping areas and must be leashed at all times when away from camping areas. 


· If you are using electricity for your booth, you must provide your own 12 gauge or larger extension cord. Smaller cords will not be permitted. This will help ensure that no electrical circuits will trip.

· Your cord must be approved by event staff, and you will be provided a cord tag indicating approval.


· Merchants can begin setting up on Wednesday, April 15th. All booth must be completely set up no later than 9 pm, Friday, April 17th.

· Teardowns will occur on the final day of the Fair, after the gates are closed and patrons have cleared the park. You will need to be offsite by 10 pm, Monday, April 20.


· Overnight security of the site will be provided starting Tuesday, April 14th, and 24 hour security will be provided by facility daily. The Arena will be locked and no entry will be permitted after 2 hours after closing. During after hours events, no access will be permitted to faire/convention area. 

· The Horse Center has in house security that maintains the safety of the Center, its offices, stables and campground. All participants must adhere to both the rules of the Faire as well as those of the Horse Center.

· A security officer will be on site patrolling the fairgrounds each night. There will be security on site during the closed hour and mid-week, but we recommend that merchants secure their property to the best of their ability. 

· The Con management will not be held responsible for tents or any merchandise left on site during closed hours and mid-week.

· The DaVinci Con is not the only show using the Horse Center site. Do not enter stalls, arenas or camping areas which are not specifically part of the Faire. 


· Parking passes are required to access the faire grounds and must be filled out and displayed on the front windshield of your vehicle.

· Once load-in is completed, Participants should move vehicles to designated parking area, and use specified doors to access the facility. Since Parking will be limited during the show, it is preferred that those camping on site during the should park at their camp spot and walk to the arena. Those staying offsite will park in designated parking areas. Security and the parking guards will enforce parking rules.


· Camping is available at the Horse Center on Monday, April 13th, until Monday, April 20th, in the designated camping areas.

· A $25 camping fee is required for all tents or trailers (with no electricity). This covers the full run of the show. There are a limited number of RV spaces available on site, both with full hook ups/electricity, and with generators. Electric Spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. RV spots with electricity are $45/night. Camping fees must be paid in advance to secure your location. 

· An overnight camping pass must be obtained. The pass must be filled out and displayed in the front windshield of your vehicle.


· Collection and remittance of Virginia sales tax is the responsibility of each merchant.

· All merchants are responsible for keeping track of their sales and paying sales tax. Information on reporting Virginia sales tax will be provided in the check in packet along with a sales tax chart.

· The Virginia Department of Revenue will be given a list of participating merchants following the event.


· Failure to comply with rules will make merchants ineligible for awards and admission to future shows. Serious violations may result in the merchant being asked to leave immediately. The Faire Committee reserves the right to make a final interpretation of the rules. Please read carefully the indemnification waiver of claims on the application.